The Florianopolis Campus has on research one of its basic principles to promote the connection between studies-research-extension, established in the Constitution of Brazil (1988), in its article 207.

Also stands out that the legal texts that create the Federal Institutes emphasizes the realization and the promotion of applied research, cultural production, entrepreaneurship, cooperativism, as well as the production, development and transfer of social technologies. It should, also, guide its formation offers in benefit to the consolidation and strenghtening of the productive, social and local culture frameworks, from the mapping of the potentialities of socioeconomical and cultural development in each Federal Institute.

The development of applied research should be tuned with the local and regional development demands. Here are some of the guiding principles of research, and they are, for its time, intrinsically connected to the production of inovation:

  • a) Research linked to the Institutional Development Plan;
  • b) Research with strategic function, permeating all levels of education;
  • c) Development of research to attend the demands from society, from the world of work and from production, with impact in the local production frameworks and contributing to local, regional and national development;
  • d) Stimulus to researches committed to technological inovation and transference of technology to society.

Nowadays, the Florianopolis Campus emerges in relations to other IFSC Campus as the bigger number of research works, and consequently in the quantity of Research Groups registered in the directory of CNPq and certified by our own institution.

Below a demonstrative chart showing the Research Groups of Campus Florianopolis and their respective fields:


Habitat Construction
EMAI – Meteorological Events of High Impact Environment
NTC – Nucleus of Clinical Technology Health
GMOC – Research Group on Knowledge Modeling Management
GPCT – Group of Scientifical and Technological Research on Production and Management Management
GESE – Studies Group on Energy Systems Energy
GPREI – Research Group on Smart Electrical Networks Energy
PECCE – Research Group on Scientifical Computing for Engineering Computing
GENTEC – Studies Group on of New Technologies Electronics
GPDSE – Group of Research and Development on Embedded Systems Electronics
PFBMAT – Research Group on manufacturing processes and technology of materials Mechatronics
ADeMCI – Performance Evaluation of Internal Combustion Engines Mechanics
GETFis – Studeis Group of Physics Topics Education
CSI – Smart Control and Supervision Mechatronics
GDMAES – Group of Development of Special Automatic Machines Mechanics
NERsD – Group of Embedded and Distributed Systems Electronics
EST – Education, Health and Work Health
Design and its interfaces Design
GPR – Research Group on Radiological Protection Health
GPIPSB – Research Group on Instrumentation and Processing of Biomedical Signals Electronics
ERGOSEGS – Ergonomics, Safety and Ocupational Health Ergonomics
GTA – Applied Geotechnologies Construction
EFEES – Physical Education: Lifestyle, Education and Health Health
Techné Nucleus Computing
PPIEPT – Research Group of Interdisciplinary Pedagocical Practices on EPT Education
GEPAI – Research Group on Power Elctronics and Industrial Drives Energy
Research Group on Teaching of Experimental Physics Education
GEPRO – Research Group of Epidemiology and Health Promotion Health
NeDEC – Study Nucleus and Dissemination of Science Teaching Education
GNI – Management, Business and Inovation Management
GDPPQB – Development Group of Chemical and Biological Products and Processes Chemistry
CAC – Climate and Coastal Environments Environment
GeAm – Environmental Management: Studies and Analyzes Environment
NECC – Study Nucleus on Construction Construction
Education, Science and Technology Education
Educatecnoarte: Research Group on Art and Culture on Technological Education Education
GPAM – Research Group on Mathematical Applications Education
AGRI – Surveying, Geodesy, Geoprocessing and the Environment Construction
CONSERVE – Environmental Confort, Sustainability and Renewable Energies on Edifications Construction
GPTR – Planning and Technological Innovation in Transportation Construction
GPEE – Group of Electronic Energy Processing Electronics
NEL – Study Nucleus on Reading Education
DHS – Human Rights and Singularity
MatCer – Research Nucleus on Ceramic Materials Construction
EDMTA – Study and Developmento of Automotive Materials and Technologies Mechanics
GEBORT – Research Group on Biomechanical Engineering for Orthopedics and Dentistry Mechanics
GPE2T – Research Group on Technological Education Education
NGP – Study Nucleus on Projects Management of IFSC Management
Nucleus Educational Technology and Distance Education Education
NANOTEC – Nanotechnologies for diagnosis, radiological protection, therapy and environmental remediation Electronics
GPAMOPI – Research Group on Mathematical Application and Optimization on Solving Industries Problems Mathematics