Physical and Human Structure

The Florianopolis Campus has in its physical structure: 58 classrooms, 101 laboratories, 1 central library and 5 sports courts.

According to data of the Statistical Yearbook IFSC 2017, the Campus has in its functional framework 603 workers of education, of which 391 are teachers and 212 administrative technicals.

Concerning the teachers work regime, 334 have exclusive dedication (DE), 51 have a regime of 40 hours and 6 a regime of 20 hours. In addition, regarding the formation of the teachers, 40 are graduated, 31 are specialists, 165 are masters, 139 are doctors and 16 are post-doctors.

Regarding the formation of the administrative technicals, 2 are doctors, 27 are masters, 76 are specialists, 56 are graduates, 46 have high school and 5 have fundamental school.